About Us

Although Caballero Handmade is a new brand, we are not strangers to selling leather goods. Over 5 years ago, our wives started Adelisa & Co- a business that works with artisans in Nicaragua to produce handmade leather shoes for women and children. As that business grew, so did our passion for high quality leather goods and a desire to create something for men as well.

We have seen first hand the positive impact a small business can have on a community, how purpose over profit is far more rewarding and how hard work and a commitment to excellence are the foundation for success. That is why we have created Caballero Handmade. 

Caballero Handmade is a collective of talented artisans with a goal to create uniquely made leather goods for men. We are honored to continue collaborating with Marvin and his artisan team to produce our men’s shoes while also bringing on new talent and products as we grow. 

Kyle & Dan